We'll take care of all your invoices, taxes, and liaising with HMRC.

How it works

TaxQore works in tandem with UniQore – a specialist software solution for DSPs. UniQore provides software to help manage drivers, fleet, safety, scheduling, payroll and compliance… all in one place. When your DSP uses UniQore, you will be provided with an App to help manage your availability, confirming your routes, completing daily vehicle checks, and much more. For more information on UniQore, click here.

Additionally, you will be offered the opportunity to work directly with TaxQore to help take care of all your invoices, filing your tax returns, and liaising with HMRC.

1. Scheduling

Via the UniQore app, you can confirm your availability to work & accept routes.

The routes you do are linked to the payroll system in TaxQore – so you will be paid exactly what you are owed.

2. Invoicing

TaxQore raises invoices on your behalf & sends to your DSP. 

TaxQore collect funds from your DSP and pays your invoices. 

If you are VAT registered, TaxQore will hold back any VAT you invoice. This is put in a pot for when your VAT bill is due.

3. Tax returns

When you are required to submit a tax return, TaxQore will do this for you. Any expenses you have will be included in your return. 

We will pay your VAT bill, and return to you anything left in your VAT pot.

We will advise how to pay your self assessment tax bill.

An option to suit your needs

We have three different packages to help you with all your invoicing, accounting, and tax needs.